What is an Electronic Lockbox and How Secure Is It?

In this video we share how electronic lockboxes work and why realtors use them.

When selling a home, the safety and security of both the home’s contents and its owners should always be at the forefront of an agent’s mind.

How do real estate agents and homebuyers gain access to the home? 

Once a home is ready and available for showings, realtors place an electronic lockbox on the house. There are different brands in different regions, but in the area served by the Austin Board of Realtors (ABOR) you will hear them referred to as Supra boxes.

These boxes allow your agent to track who comes and goes from the property. Only authorized persons (members of the local Association of REALTORS® and multiple listing service – MLS) have the ability to open the Supra boxes. The box can also be programmed rendering it inaccessible during certain hours.

How do I know who has been inside my home?

We really like electronic lockboxes because when someone accesses it, a notification is sent to us (as the agent who owns the box). This way, we know if an agent did or did not show up for a scheduled appointment. Conversely, we also know if the property was accessed without a prior appointment or permission. Having the information about who showed the home, allows your listing agent to request feedback from the showing agent.

Does the lockbox change how I access my home? 

Placement of a lockbox on your home does NOT affect the access for you as the homeowner. You will still use your own key and/or garage entry. The lockbox may be attached to the door handle of the front door, or it may be attached to a railing on the front porch.  In some cases, the lockbox may be placed on the floor of the front porch adjacent to the door or be placed on the base of a column on the front porch, as no one can use the lockbox without the listing agent’s personal code.

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