Making Your Downsizing Move Less Stressful

In this video I will share how to make your downsizing move less stressful.

If you are looking around your home and wondering how in the world am I going to move all this stuff from my current home to a smaller residence, we recommend you develop a game plan.  Instead of worrying about everything at the same time, identify a focus such as what you will take with you. A downsizing move is different than previous moves where we have just loaded up everything in our existing home and moved it to our new home.  Downsizing requires being selective. There are two underlying questions that should guide the selection process involved in downsizing. 

What do you really need to take?


This is the time to “let go” of things you no longer use, no longer wear, or are just sitting out because they fill the space or look pretty. Focus on what you will use and want to take with you to enhance your new lifestyle. You do not have to empty every drawer, cabinet, or closet. Just leave what you will not be taking with you to be dealt with as part of the liquidation process. 

The kitchen can be an easy room to go through. Your guiding question becomes:  how much cooking and entertaining do you anticipate you will be doing in your new residence?  Identify the small number of items you will need to take.  Leave the other items for liquidation.

For keepsakes and memorabilia, it is a great time to enjoy the memories the objects bring to mind. Taking photographs of items can provide a lasting memory. Select the most significant keepsakes and memorabilia to take with you and leave the remaining to be liquidated. 

How much space will you have?


The second question to guide the decision-making is, how much space do you have? Consider not just square footage and floor space as indicated on your floor plan, but how much closet, cabinet, and storage space will you have?

Sticker System


We find that using a colored sticker system can be a helpful strategy to identify what you will be taking with you, giving to loved ones, or leaving behind for liquidation. Seeing the increasing number of stickers affirms the progress you are making.  Note: for items going to loved ones,  they need to collect their items before the liquidation begins.

Packing for your new home


The final identification of what you will take with you can be made as you work with the benefit of actual, detailed plans of your new place; and you prepare for the packing. Packing specifically for your new residence will make your unpacking and settling in much easier and less stressful so you are ready to enjoy your new lifestyle. 

If you are considering a move to a smaller place and would like a little assistance with space planning, packing, moving, and dealing with the left-over “stuff” let us know. Our team at Seniors Living Smarter Services can help!

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