Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent for Your Downsizing Journey

Most people think all real estate agents are the same, but in this video we
explain the differences and how to select the right one for your specific circumstances. 

As a longtime homeowner considering hiring the right real estate agent to support you with the daunting task of downsizing, it’s important to debunk some common misconceptions. While it may be tempting to assume that all agents are the same or that they learn everything they need to know in real estate school, the reality is quite different. 

Let’s explore a few of the unique qualities and criteria to consider when selecting the right agent to navigate your next move.

Misconception 1: All Real Estate Agents are the Same

Contrary to popular belief, no two agents conduct their business in the same way, even if they belong to the same brokerage or brand. Each agent brings their own unique approach, expertise, and skill set to the table. Recognizing this diversity is crucial to finding an agent who aligns with your specific needs and circumstances

Misconception 2: Real Estate School is Sufficient Education

Comparing real estate school to medical school, it becomes clear that agents don’t learn everything they need to know in the classroom. Just as a brain surgeon goes through internships, residencies, and mentorship with experienced surgeons, agents require practical experience to truly excel in their profession. Surprisingly, there are no post-classroom requirements for real estate agents, allowing them to begin selling homes immediately after passing their state exam.

Choosing the Right Agent: Key Considerations

When selecting an agent for your downsizing journey, there are three critical factors to verify:

  • Trustworthiness 

One of the best ways to determine an agent’s trustworthiness is by checking references. Contact previous clients of the agent you’re considering and inquire about their experiences. Transparency and open communication are essential in building trust.

  • Experience with Similar Homes and Circumstances

Ensure that the agent is a member of the multiple listing service in your property’s location. This membership demonstrates their familiarity with the area and their understanding of your unique style of home and objectives in buying or selling.

  • Resourcefulness 

If you’re downsizing, it’s crucial to have an agent who can connect you with the right professionals to ease the process. Does the agent have relationships with reliable movers, estate liquidators, and contractors? Their ability to offer these resources can significantly streamline your downsizing journey.

Communicating Your Decision

Choosing one agent over another, especially if you have a longstanding relationship, can feel uncomfortable. It’s important to be honest and share your decision-making process with the agent you didn’t choose. In most cases, the deciding factor isn’t about trustworthiness or experience but rather the specialized knowledge and resources related to late-life moves and downsizing.

Selecting the right agent for your downsizing journey requires careful consideration of their trustworthiness, relevant experience, and resourcefulness. By conducting reference checks, ensuring familiarity with your property’s location, and assessing their ability to connect you with necessary resources, you can make an informed decision. Remember, honesty and respect in communicating your decision will lead to a better understanding between you and the agent, ultimately benefiting your downsizing experience.

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